Whether you are new to parenthood or have a growing family, there is no doubt that you will begin to accumulate your fair share of clothing that is now too small, equipment you no longer need and toys that your child has lost interest in. While many will come alongside sentimental value, there will inevitably be heaps of unwanted items, mainly clothing, that is doing nothing but take up valuable storage space. Instead of throwing your things away, why not put them to good use and support another family to welcome their bundle of joy? To help you to give your unwanted items a second life, we have put together a guide on where to donate baby clothes across the country!

Where To Donate Baby Clothes Across The Country

Here at Babylayaway, we’re all about putting every penny to good use. Our profiles are designed to allow loved ones to contribute money to celebrate the gift of new life, ensuring that every donation is put towards the things that parents truly need, and the generosity most definitely doesn’t need to stop there. There are thousands of families across the country who would hugely benefit from your unwanted, yet good quality, baby clothes. Find your region below and click through to find your local charities and oeganisations: 

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Greater London

The busy high streets of London make for the perfect spot to open a charity store with a guaranteed influx of customers every day. With this in mind, its no surprise that Greater London is filled with fantastic organisations eager to make the most out of your kind donations.

The Small Project, based at the Oasis Playspace in Southwark, South London, collects not only donations but also arranges weekly sessions for new parents to socialise with one another. As an independent charity, The Small Project names itself a ‘library’ as parents can borrow bundles of baby items, then return them when they are no longer in use. Their website ‘Donate’ page is regularly updated with a wishlist of items that they are currently in need of, along with those which will always be appreciated. Along with clothing, The Small Project also accepts books, bouncer chairs, prams and much more, meaning that your old items will never go to waste. 

Another great London-based charity is Little Village, located in Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark. Their mission is to provide baby clothes, toys and essentials to families who are facing challenging circumstances and are in need of support. Along with their permanent locations, Little Village also arranges pop-up sessions around the boroughs so that everyone can have the chance to take advantage of their services. To date, Little Village has helped 3,155 families and 4,417 children, so you can have peace of mind that your items are most definitely going to good use. 

East Of England

Covering a number of areas such as Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, the East of England is home to several worthy charities. The Baby Bank Norfolk, in particular, works with local professionals such as social workers and midwives, to ensure that families receive the support that they deserve. Should a healthcare professional recognise that a local family is going through a difficult time, they will refer them to the Baby Bank, who will then ensure that they are equipped with everything they need to raise their child. Also on the Baby Bank Norfolk website is a list of other baby banks in the surrounding areas, which has been sourced from Stripey Stork

If you are local to Cambridgeshire and hoping to donate baby clothes, then Little Bundles accepts both item and monetary donations. Set up by a small group of mums in 2008, Little Bundles continues to be fully run by volunteers, who work hard alongside their full-time roles to ensure that all parents are prepared for their bundle of joy. The team recognised that, in some cases, new equipment was necessary, which is why they set up the choice to donate via Paypal to fund wishlist items. 

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South East England

Based in Milton Keynes, Baby Basics creates lovingly-made gift packages that are then distributed to local families in need of support. Similarly to many of the charities discussed, parents do need to be referred to Baby Basics by care organisations in order to utilise their services. If you’re interested in donating, then you can drop off clothing and toys for children up to the age of five to their warehouse in Stacey Bushes. 

For those in the Berkshire area, we suggest visiting the First Days Children’s Charity to donate your unwanted items. Not only does the charity support newborns, but they also provide children with all of the essentials that they need for school. Their mission is to reduce the long-term impact that poverty has on children in their early years, ensuring that they have a bright future ahead.

South West England

Covering many different locations in the region, the Children’s Hospice South West has set up several shops for parents to not only equip themselves with the essentials but also socialise while their children play. They rely on quality donations, whether this may be clothing, toys, books or furniture. If you are interested in donating to the Children’s Hospice South West, then you can pick up a donation bag from any of their shops or hospices. The charity is more than happy to collect larger items from you if you cannot take them to your nearest drop-off point. 

For those who live nearer to the coast in the glorious landscapes of Cornwall, we suggest taking your items to the All Saints Church Highertown. The goodwill organisation does not class itself as a charity, but instead a haven for kindness and support. They take in pre-loved baby and children’s clothing, then redistribute them to those who need them the most. Unlike the other organisations mentioned, the All Saints Church Highertown is open to everyone; you do not need to be referred to them to use their services. 

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East Midlands

Established to support families in Sheffield, Baby Basics works with local midwives and health visitors to provide direct support to local families. Using the kind donations of the public, Baby Basics create ‘Moses Baskets’ which are filled with baby clothing, toiletries and equipment needed to welcome newborns to the world. For those eager to lend a helping hand, not only can you donate unwanted items but you can also volunteer at The Kings Centre in Sheffield or arrange a fundraiser. 

Along with the above, you can also donate your items to The Air Ambulance Service via several stations across the East Midlands. This is ideal if you want to drop off baby items, but also have adult clothes and household items that you hope to recycle. As long as the items are high-quality, The Air Ambulance Service is more than happy to accept them and put them to good use. 

West Midlands

Set up to provide safety to domestic violence victims, the Birmingham Crisis Centre offers full support to women and their children. The centre is equipped with not only a lounge and nursey but also accommodation for up to 23 women. Run by a team of trained support workers, the Birmingham Crisis Centre has been designed to help women and their children to begin a new life. They accept all manner of unwanted items, including those for both babies and adults. 

Based in Wolverhampton, The Baby Blues Appeal is a charity set up to support local neonatal units across the West Midlands. To date, the organisation has raised more than £115,000, which has been used to fund the medical assistance and equipment required to care for premature babies. The Baby Blues Appeal store is located on Victoria Street and accepts all manner of items from baby clothes and children’s toys to pushchairs and cots. 

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Yorkshire & The Humber

While Bundles Of Joy is located in Beverley, the charity has been designed to support families across East Yorkshire, from those who have affected by crisis to others living in disadvantaged areas. As a specialist baby charity, Bundles Of Joy have a unique twist as, along with donations, they also design ‘Birthday Happiness Hampers.’ The hampers, filled with party supplies, gifts and sweet treats, are lovingly created for children who may not otherwise experience their very own birthday party. Any contributions towards hampers can be taken to one of the Bundles Of Joy’s drop-off points or their office in Beverly. 

Another fantastic Yorkshire-based baby bank is Tiny Hands, which works closely with a number of organisations such as Women’s Refuges and Social Services, to help to reduce child poverty. Just like our team at BabyLayaway, Tiny Hands is on a mission to reduce stress and make welcoming your new arrival as enjoyable as possible. They accept clothing, equipment and essentials for babies up to the age of two years old. 

North West England

For those looking to donate baby clothing in the South Manchester area, why not take a look at the Trafford Little Bundles Facebook page? Designed to support those who have been referred by health and social care organisations, Trafford Little Bundles strive to help mothers through their baby’s first year. The charity works closely with those who are expecting a baby while in difficult circumstances, providing them with everything they need to start a positive life with their newborn. 

As one of the longest-running charities mentioned, KIND has been making a difference to thousands of families in Liverpool and Merseyside for more than 40 years. KIND believes that every child has the right to be the very best that they can, so focus on four primary areas of a child’s development – emotional capacity, improving achievement, staying healthy and developing relationships. Any gifts and goods donated are sold locally to either fund their work or support a family. 

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North East England

With the dedication to helping every individual to reach their potential, Changing Lives has several charity stores across the country. Their Durham-based shop is open for donations on weekdays and along with clothing, also accept food. Particularly over the colder months, Changing Lives requests warm clothing such as coats, hats and gloves. The charity itself provides various services to those in need, including children who are risk of being placed in care. 

Family Gateway is another excellent organisation supporting families living in North East England, such as individuals tackling severe financial distress, long-term unemployment or poor housing conditions. They work with families to build stability, ensuring that children have the best possible start in life. Along with donating unwanted baby clothing and essential equipment, Family Gateway also asks for seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations, to allow every family to enjoy special occasions.

Giving Back To The Local Community!

There are so many super easy ways that you can give back to your community and make a difference for local families. Little ones grow quicker than you could even anticipate, which means that you will undoubtedly be left with piles of unwanted clothing and toys that other families would most definitely appreciate. If you can’t remember the last time that you had a clear out, why not spend your next free Sunday filtering through wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, then take a trip to your local donation drop off point?