There are a whole host of newborn baby must-haves that can help you prepare for your new arrival, all of which can be purchased before the big day so that you can spend as much time as possible with your eyes on your beautiful bundle of joy. Whether you’re a new parent, or you’ve been through it all before, purchasing all of the little items is all part of the excitement in celebrating your new arrival, but it’s quite easy to accidentally forget an item here and there. So, to make sure that you have everything you need, here are a few newborn baby must-have and checklists that you can tick off as you go.

Newborn Baby Must Haves: Our Top Picks

When you’re expecting your baby, it’s likely that your family and friends will be out shopping to look for cute and cuddly toys, snug outfits and an endless supply of dummies. However, these aren’t always necessarily the things that you or your baby need, so setting up a BabyLayway profile and sending these checklists to your loved ones is an easy way to make sure that your baby is spoilt in all of the right ways. With a BabyLayway profile, you can welcome loved ones to give you an innovative baby shower gift through the contribution of money, allowing you to get the following must-have:

Newborn Baby

Stock Up On The Essentials

It’s easy to get caught up shopping for cots, pushchairs and baby clothes when feeling excited about your newborn’s arrival. However, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the essentials to ensure that you can care for your little bundle of joy the second that you bring him or her home. If you’re a newbie to parenting, you might not know what exactly an essential might be. Well, put simply, an essential is anything that a baby will require on a day to day basis. Although there may be cheaper options out there, it is important to make sure that you are buying products that won’t harm your babies delicate and sensitive skin. For this reason, knowing what products to buy is more beneficial and safe for your newborn. You can find more information about how to choose the perfect baby skincare products on the Baby Centre.

For all the new mums and dads out there panicking about whether you have every essential you need, here is our helpful checklist that you can use to tick off items as you go!

Diapers & Diaper Bags
Scratch-Proof Mittens
Basic Onesies
Disposable Changing Pads
Healing Ointment
Burp Cloths
Breast Milk Storage Bags
Soft Socks
Wet Wipes
Baby Bath Products
Baby Oil

baby items

Baby Clothes

Unfortunately, knowing the proper size of your baby before it is born can be rather tricky to gauge; this makes buying clothes no quite as straightforward as you may think, so it is often suggest to leave all the clothes buying until after the baby is born. However, you will still need to dress your newborn in some soft and comfy clothing during the day and at bedtime when it is first born, so making sure you’re prepared is a must have! The following is a list of all of the things you should try purchasing before the baby is born:

Must-haves for newborns:

Stretchy Leggings
Short & Long Sleeve Tops
Hats & Mittens

Although the following products aren’t exactly must-haves, they can be nice as a treat for you, and you’re newborn.

Nice-to-have baby clothing:

Special Outfits
Leg Warmers
Hair Accessories
Diaper Covers

baby clothes


Pushchairs can be an expensive part of having a newborn, but when you find one that works for you as your baby begins to grow, then it’s a worthwhile once-off purchase. Before buying a pushchair, there are multiple things that you should take into consideration; this includes the price, functionality, durability, safety, and how easy it is to manoeuvre.

The first thing to consider is your budget, and how much you have to spend on the pushchair along with all of the items you will need for the baby. Pushchairs will cost anything between £100 to £1000 depending on the brand and the design, but just because a pushchair isn’t on the expensive side, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t as good as the high-end items. Expert Reviews has come up with a list of some of the best budget buggies for you to buy, and all of the various different designs to suit your preference.

The features on your pushchair can make a big difference to how user-friendly it is, and you want it to be as simple and hassle-free to use as possible. Some of the best pushchair features that you should be looking out for include:

  • Reversible Seating – This gives you the option to have your child parent facing while young so that you can keep eye contact with your newborn, and then world facing when they get a little older.
  • Adjustable Handles – If you are your parents of different heights, then this feature can make it a lot more comfortable for both of you to use the pushchair with ease.
  • Padding – Pushchairs vary in the amount of padding that it has and some contain head huggers to help support your newborn.
  • Folding – This is an important part of a pram, as an easy to use mechanism can make life a lot easier when popping in and out of the car. A lot of modern pushchairs have a one-handed fold, making it even easier to head on a day out.
  • Brake pedals – Brake pedals will make using the pushchair easier, and ones with larger pedals are more effective.
  • Size and Shape – Heavy and large pushchairs can be hard to push and fit through doors, making it more stressful when pottering about the shops.
  • Car Conversion – Some pushchairs have the ability to transform into a car seat, making it easy for you to hop in and out of the car with your newborn.

Baby in pushchair

Bed Time Comfort

Babies will spend a lot of their time with their eyes closed and dreaming, so it is important to make sure that they get a good nights sleep. A good cot will make sure that you can help your newborn develop good sleeping patterns and habits as they start to grow, encouraging them more and more to sleep more at night time than during the day. Cots come in various different shapes, sizes and designs, making it a personal preference as to which type you would like to use. A crib is often a bed that can tilt side to side, while a cot is slightly deeper and can be transformed into a bed as the baby grows. There are many pros and cons to both forms of beds, including:

Pro’s & Cons of a Crib

 Pros Cons
 Babies tend to sleep better when rocking Can only use when a baby
 You can easily access the baby Can cause the child to have attachment issues
 You can place the newborn right next to you at nightA less cost-effective bed solution 

Pro’s & Cons of a Cot

 Pros Cons
 Can be used as the child grows Can be hard to place the baby inside
 Avoids bed-sharing Can be harder to get the baby to sleep
 You don’t have to go to bed when the baby doesCan make feeding time difficult 

baby in cot

Changing Mat

When it comes to changing mats, you have the choice between a portable and home fixed station. We would personally advise that you invest in both, as this will give you the freedom to go out and about without having to spend an hour packing up all of the babies necessities. While at home, enjoy a fixed station where you can place drawers and cupboards with all of those stocked up diapers and baby wipes. Be sure to make the table as comfortable for the baby as possible by adding a thick changing mat that can easily be cleaned to ensure the best hygiene for your baby. You can even place a box beside the changing table for things such as talcum powder and wipes, to make changing less stressful. Homdit has some beautiful home changing station designs to give you some inspiration on how you can organise your necessities while maintaining the aesthetics of the nursery room.

It is also important that you have a portable baby changing mat that you can pop into the boot of your car alongside a bag full of your necessities. You are going to have to change a lot of nappies in your newborn’s first couple of years, so it is important to make sure that you have one that functions well for you, is comfortable for the baby and is easy to pack away. There are two main types of changing mats, ones that are easy to wash down with an anti-bacterial wipe, and ones that can be popped into the washing machine for a deep clean. The Sun has put together some of the best portable changing mats of various different styles and designs, from extra padded to cute printed mats. If you are a newbie mummy and daddy, then you may be wondering what you should be taking with you on a day out. Well, to give you a little hand, here are the main things to make sure you have in your baby changing bag:

Hand Sanitiser
Changing Pad
Plastic or Biodegradable Bags
Bottles of Formula or Breast Milk
Snacks (for older babies)
Extra Clothes
Hat (especially in the summer)
Talcum Powder
Rash Cream

woman changing baby

It’s Time To Get Prepared

As you can tell, there is a fair bit that goes into preparing the essentials for a baby; however, this is part of the fun and excitement of anxiously waiting for your new arrival. Shopping for your baby is also made easier due to most grocery stores providing a wide range of baby clothing, essentials and even other products such as changing mats. So you can always pop to the shops with our checklist and tick off items as you go!

We also know that getting modern baby shower gifts that you actually need can be a little tricky, so why not make your own BabyLayaway baby profile? You can invite your loved ones to make a monetary contribution of their choosing to go towards your bundle of joy, ensuring that you can get the necessities that you need and want for your newborn baby.